Tips For Glowing Hands

Hands are the second most visible part of our body first being face but the strange thing is that we do not take care of our hands like we do for our face. There is a clear difference in the complexion, skin texture and fairness of hands and face of people and this is obviously because we spend all the time enhancing the beauty of face. Some people look beautiful from face due to their soft and glowing skin but you feel opposite after shaking hand with them as their hands are rough, dark and hard. If you do not want others to have this strange feeling after shaking hands with you then you must take very good care of your hands.

Tips For Glowing Hands

Now, you can make your hands glowing, soft and fair without getting any expensive treatment. Just follow following tips; you will thank me for these tips afterwards.

Tip No 1

Make a mixture of egg yolk, lemon drops, rose water and glycerin. Mix all of these solutions properly and apply the paste on hands. Wait for at least 20 minutes. Wash the hands with warm water afterwards. Lemon juice will make your hands fair and glowing. Rose water will add freshness to them and egg yolk plus glycerin will make them moisturized.

Tip No 2

Take one tablespoon of honey and mix it with same quantity of butter. Apply this paste on your hands and leave them for 15 minutes. Honey is a great moisturizer and butter is also good for skin. Both of them when used in combination with each other make hands look soft, shiny and fair.

Tip No 3

Apply good quality moisturizer on your hands before going to bed. It is better to cover your hands with gloves for better results.

Tip No 4

Never ever forget to apply a good sunscreen lotion on your hands before going out especially during summer season as sun rays are more intense in summers. It is better to keep sunscreen in your bag all the time.

Tip No 5

Hands massage is also good as it adds glow to the hands and it also preserves the natural softness and beauty of hands. You can easily massage your hands yourself. Apply any cleanser, moisturizing cream or lotion on one hand and massage it with other hands. Try to massage the hand doing circular motion. Rub the joints of hands gently to remove dust particles.

Tip No 6

Manicure is a must. It is highly suggested doing manicure once a week. There is no need to visit spa for this purpose as manicure can easily be done at home. Prepare manicure soak by adding few drops of lemon juice, rose water, oil, shampoo and detergent. Soak your hands in this mixture for 20 minutes. Now, cut and trim your nails and also remove dust from the corners of each nail. Now, apply a moisturizing cream.

This is how to make hands fair and glowing at home without taking professional help or visiting beauty parlor.